Understanding Suicide and Preventing it

Oct 14, 2017

The second week of October is Mental Health Awareness Week. And while we have been spreading awarene ...

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When the Mirror Lies

Oct 5, 2017

A few days back, I came across a video of actress Illeana D'Cruz talking about her struggle with Bod ...

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Sep 21, 2017

The reason why there is so little happiness in the world is that we depend on external sources to be ...

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Different Truths. Part 1.

Sep 16, 2017

When it comes to discussing gender roles, we Indians prefer to keep our brains like we keep our naph ...

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Minding your mind

Sep 9, 2017

Have you ever felt too many thoughts rushing through your mind- like there are 50 tabs open all at o ...

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Seeing the world from a different angle: Understanding Autism. Part 2

Sep 4, 2017

In our previous blog about Autism, we gave you an overview of what the condition looks like. This bl ...

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