Gut Feelings And Where They Really Come From?

November 1,2021 By: Mansi poddar

A gut feeling is a unique feeling. It can be hard to explain but this feeling definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Following your instinct can certainly direct you toward the best path for you. And yet, you might wonder whether you should put so much trust in a feeling, an instinct you can’t explain.

You know that thing you feel deep in your gut? The feeling that you can’t pen down or explain in words. We often think of them as hunches inclusions of feelings coming straight from the heart. They don’t seem logical or backed by facts but “feel” true.

These gut feelings or feelings from the heart are actually coming from an area of the brain called the limbic brain. It is also called the emotional brain or primal brain and is responsible for all our feelings- it is the part that feels depth, passion and instinct.

The reason we find it so hard to put these feelings into words is that our limbic brain has no capacity for language. However, the limbic brain often knows just what’s right for us. This is why some of the best leaders are big on “trusting the gut” or “following their heart”.

On the flip side, the limbic brain can tend to be quite impulsive and irrational. This is why it is important to also check in with the logical path of a brain called the neocortex.

According to studies, women have increased blood flow in the limbic region of the brain which explains why they are often thought of as strongly driven by emotions or strong on empathy and intuition.

So, the next time you experience that gut feeling, know that it is all still coming from your brain.