Lose that weight now-- weightloss hacks

July 3,2017 By: Mansi poddar

How I lost 20 kgs And Kept it Off

In the days when I was overweight, I used to eat as though food was scarce or going extinct. I learned a few tricks that helped me to eat normally and for health not to be a non existent size 0. Health is Hot ladies!

This article is combination of my work with helping clients and myself eat normally and utilizes some cognitive behavioural techniques.


Fresh appetizing apple and brightly colored dumbbells tied with a measuring tape. Slight reflection, white background, focus on the apple

  • Cleanse- The lingering taste of food in your mouth makes you crave more food and you land up eating more. If you can’t use mouth wash, at lest rinse with plain water.
  • Chew– Recall your mothers’ voice asking you to chew and not swallow. Our stomach takes an average 20 minutes to signal our brain that we are full. If we shove food, we over eat and get stomach issues. It is recommended that one chew each bite for 20 seconds, but if you’re like me, u fall of to sleep after 10. So work it upto at least 10. It’s hard in the beginning, but worth it. Food also tastes better if you eat slowly.
  • Question– Are you hungry or are you stressed and bored? Always eat for the right reasons. How will you feel after eating it? Will that bag of chips cause more guilt? How do feel if you say no to it? Is this food good for your body?
  • Learn– Read the packaging. Ask questions in restaurants about how, what, when. Often we make assumptions about food. Read the ingredients/nutritional information. You might be shocked into realizing what you are actually consuming. Google ingredients, know your food!
  • Dieting is dead– Stop dieting. I can’t stress this enough- get off these fad diets and weight loss fasts. There is no short cut, no matter how many cups of green tea you drink or how much lemon juice you guzzle. Visit a professional if you need help with learning what is healthy and what is not.
  • Acceptance– You need to love yourself in order to be your best. Hate is hardly a successful motivating factor in looking good.  People who love their bodies, look good, regardless of their weight. Think Beyonce, Queen Latifa, Sridevi. Stop trying to be size zero- remember bootilicious is beautiful!
  • Time– Manage your time better- people often facebook or do meaningless tasks just to avoid sleeping, this leads to boredom and late night snacking. Insomnia needs to be addressed separately.
  • Move– There is no health nor hotness without movement. Choose your activity; even housework is a great workout and stress buster. Rethink that dirty chore!
  • Put your fork down– You got it, put your fork down after each bite, you’ll eat what your body requires.

These are few suggestions that can give you an immediate sense of wellbeing and set you of on the path to wholesome and mindful eating. I stress- if you feel you have an extremely unhealthy relationship with food- binging, purging, restricting, you need to contact a mental health professional to help you eat normally.