Minding your mind

September 9,2017 By: Mansi poddar

Have you ever felt too many thoughts rushing through your mind- like there are 50 tabs open all at once or has your mind ever gone completely blank?

I am sure most of us have experienced something similar.

When this happens, we may seem to go completely blank or feel disoriented.
That’s the when we need to take control of our thoughts and practice a bit of mindfulness.


So, how do we do that?




In situations where we feel that there are too many things on our mind and we can’t handle it, a good idea to deal with too many thoughts would be to say ‘STOP’ either in your mind or even aloud if you want to.

Do this for a few seconds to calm yourself down.


Maybe do a grounding practice if you want to.

Gain clarity.

The next step is to gain clarity. Jot down your thoughts on a piece of paper and refect over them for some time. Prioritize the things you need to get done or journal around what you are feeling.

Give your mind a break.

You might want to shift focus and do something that interests you for a while and then get back to your thoughts again.
Once we are refreshed we can stop at each juncture and address the issues one by one.


Now coming to the times when we feel that our mind may have gone blank, it is a good idea to acknowledge what is happening,  maybe take a break and use that time to allow yourself relax. Maybe go to a spa/ get a massage/take a nap -whatver floats your boat.




Remember, at times we need to pause and reflect over what is going on in order to not feel overwhelmed by our lives. Go easy on yourself and allow yourself to rest.



-Contributed by our psychotherapist Prachi Rathi. 🙂