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Reasons Why People Avoid Getting Help For Their Mental Health

August 7,2021 By: Mansi poddar

We have made great progress in normalizing mental health to an extent, but there is still a stigma around it. With any kind of mental illness being called “madness” in our country people do not come out of the closet and suffer in silence.

  • A mental condition may or may not develop physical repercussions. Thus, to understand that you are suffering from mental breakdowns you need to know that such a thing exists and even today people simply lack the knowledge of what mental health is.
  • Discussing your mental state is a very personal matter and can be very intimidating for a lot of sufferers. They find it difficult to trust people they can confide in, thus leaving themselves to handle the condition on their own.
  • Many people fear that they will be ridiculed or they will look “weak” if they seek therapy.
    Many people will self-stigmatize, believing that they should be able to cope without assistance.
    Some people feel so trapped in their minds that they falsely believe no amount of help can make them feel better again.
  • Many people do not want to spend as much as they would spend on their physical health. High costs for therapy and long waiting times can also act as a barrier to getting the right treatment.

Avoid stigmatizing people with mental illness by seeing the person first and not labeling them by a mental illness. You can help stop stigma by speaking up when people around you make negative or wrong comments about mental illness. Moreover, promote and normalize positively talking about mental health.