Why Do People With Depression Hide Their True Feelings Behind A Mask?

April 19,2022 By: Mansi poddar

Oftentimes, people with depression hide their condition behind a mask – the people who seem the most well-adjusted, sociable, or even happy outside can be having intense feelings of depression.

• Sigma against people with depression – They don’t speak up because they are scared that the people around them will judge them and treat them differently should they know about their depression.

• Unless you are “visibly depressed” for example- aloof, sleeping for most of the day, or even having evidence of self-harm most people don’t pay that much attention.

• Some people are so skilled at putting up a mask of being okay that they are considered high functioning- they are capable and work in relationships but hurting deeply inside.

• Often people don’t have the energy to explain how they feel. opening up about depression can be a daunting task because of all the explaining you have to do too that takes energy that depression has already sucked out of you.

• Some people have held in the depression for so long that not being depressed feels unfamiliar to them this makes any change even positive ones seem scary. Depression becomes like a comfort zone for them.

Thus, despite depression seriously affecting someone’s life in almost all aspects they have trouble opening up because of their reluctance to shed their mask.