Why It Is So Hard To Break Out Of An Anxious Cycle

October 25,2021 By: Mansi poddar

Anxiety feels like a chain of worries piling on top of one another, starting from one that’s small and manageable that connects to another, then another, creating a mountain of fears.

You know that most of your worries are irrational, but you just can’t get them out of your mind no matter how many times you tell yourself to stop thinking about them.

You don’t have the patience or attention to do mindfulness activities like meditation, gratefulness etc. They don’t provide enough immediate relief which increases your desperation.

As a result, you continue to rely on activities that give you short term relief but reinforce your anxiety in the long term such as reassurance, checking behaviours or rituals.

Anxiety affects every aspect of your life, from sleeping to socialization, preventing you from finding that “one way out”. You worry about your next anxious moment in the times you are not anxious, which kickstarts your next anxious cycle. You never really feel at peace.

As a result of being anxious for so long, the idea of feeling peaceful or relaxed has become unfamiliar to you, which is a very scary future indeed.

However, always remember that there are ways and techniques to defeat your anxiety, even if you can’t see them now. To break the anxiety cycle, you need to become aware of the cycle. So instead of letting your anxious thoughts and feelings drive your behaviour, you’ll learn to slow down your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.