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We have expanded to include some brilliant and talented psychologists to help serve our city better. We work with all ages and issues. Meet the team!


Mental Health Counsellor & Narrative Therapist

Education: PGD in Counselling, MA in Counselling Psychology (ongoing)

Experience: Working as a Mental Health Counsellor since 2017

Area of Interest: Young adults

About Me: Hi, I am Ritu, I am a Mental Health Counsellor and Narrative Practitioner at Mansitherapy. A few lines from Lori’s book that really resonated with my approach to the work I do-I am a card-carrying member of the human race, with my own set of vulnerabilities; longings and insecurities; and my own history. I come to work as myself. I look at the therapy room as a mirrored room, where we are the mirrors, reflecting the mirrors, showing one another what we can’t see yet.
Apart from being a therapist, I am a mother to a 13 year old, I am a fitness enthusiast, I love traveling, I enjoy reading, listening to music and watching TV.
Snehal Saraf

Snehal Saraf
Psychotherapist & Counselling Psychologist

Education: Masters in Counselling Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Experience: 4 years

Areas of Interest: I mostly work with Younger and older Adults, Couples and Families who are dealing with the following- Complex Trauma; Depression; Anxiety and its spectrum (eg- OCD); Stress; Life Transitioning Phases; Family and Relationship Conflict; Self Concept; Value Clarification & accessing Higher Self; Sexuality.

About Me: Therapy is not a 'Treatment/Cure' rather it is an ongoing process of 'Healing' which occurs with greater Self Integration- Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness and Responsibility towards oneself. I help in fostering these by drawing from spiritual practices such as Buddhism along with a pool of eclectic modalities; Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Inner Child Healing, Narrative Therapy and Existential Therapy.
They say there is a method in madness; order in chaos and along the same vein, I believe there is empowerment in vulnerability. I am here to hold space for human fragility and flexibility; co-create multiple realities in the realm of possibilities and thereby, facilitate a new lease of life.
When out of the shoes of a therapist, I will be found reading, Latin dancing or dabbling pen on paper.
Ridhi Thaker

Ridhi Thaker
Clinical Psychologist

Ridhi is a clinical psychologist, and has done her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Psychiatry, with post-graduation from Calcutta University. Her expertise includes in diagnosis and treatment of various psychological concerns through psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic assessment (cognitive, neuropsychological, behavioral, personality, and intellectual).

She believes in a holistic approach and tailoring according to individual’s makeup, she uses a combination of therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Insight-oriented therapy, Supportive therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioural therapy and Relaxation Therapy.

She has extensive experience in treating and managing individuals of varied age groups suffering from clinical disorders and is also skilled in supporting individuals to cope with their anger concerns, low self-esteem, and ineffective communication ; enabling them to live a happier and better quality of life.
I hope to help clients develop and accomplish their own personal goals and be there to steer them to move in that direction.
Ridhi loves to solve puzzles, explore new places and likes to socialise with others.
Tanvi Maloo

Tanvi Maloo
Counselling Psychologist

Education: MSc in Counselling Psychology (Christ University, Bangalore)

Experience: I have been working in the field of mental health for 3 years now.

Areas of Interest: My area of interest is to work with young adults and older adults, encompassing issues like but not limited to depression, various forms of anxiety, overthinking, self-exploration, existential crises, relationship issues, trauma, understanding, regulating and processing feelings, stress and anger management.

I use an eclectic model in therapy so I can tailor it to the needs of the clients allowing a free flow, comprising various orientations such as CBT, Narrative Practices, Trauma-informed therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Inner child work, Mindfulness and Presence oriented psychotherapy.

About Me: “Have patience with everything unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.” - Rainer Maria Rilke. Very few quotes do greater justice to my perception of the therapeutic journey. I strive to create a safe space for my clients to explore and express their issues and feelings without any judgements and labels. This enables them to embark on a journey of healing by being more aware and accepting of themselves. My role as their therapist is to help them on this voyage towards the self with acceptance and accountability, as a collaborative co-passenger.

It also comprises accompanying my clients as they learn to navigate through difficult situations in life by harnessing their inner wisdom and compassion.

I truly believe it is very important for each and every one of us to hold on to our humanness and create enough room within ourselves to accommodate the different parts of ourselves which may even be in conflict with each other at times. I am and will always be grateful to therapy for giving me the privilege of meeting so many people and getting to be a part of their journeys. Watching sunsets, reading books, writing, travelling, and running are a few of my favourite things.
Supriya Swarup

Supriya Swarup
Mental Health Counsellor

Education: PGD in Counselling Psychology, Certified Narrative Practitioner and CBT Therapist. Certified in Advanced Relationship Counselling. Currently, training in Presence-oriented Psychotherapy.

Experience: Working as a Mental Health Practitioner since 2019.

Areas of Interest: Young and older adults dealing with Trauma and complex trauma, anxiety and depression, relationships including Marital Relationships, Sexuality, Life Transitions, Stress, Self-awareness.

About Me: Hi, I am Supriya and I am a mental health worker. As a narrative practitioner, I place the problem outside of the person. I double listen and give space for meaning-making as well as believe in the body's wisdom. I am a presence-oriented therapist.

I hope to create a safe listening space and in therapy, I draw from a pool of eclectic methods - Narrative, Mindfulness, ACT and CBT.

My hope is to destigmatize mental health issues and spread awareness. I am also a mother to two, a swimming enthusiast and love the grounding and sheer joy I receive from being close to nature; both plants and animals.
Maya Sen

Maya Sen
Narrative Therapist & Mental Health Social Worker

I’m Maya Sen a narrative therapist at Mansi Therapy . I have completed my Masters in Social Work in Mental Health from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as well as my Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community work from the University of Melbourne in collaboration with the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide.

As a narrative therapist I approach problems with an understanding that tries to separate the problem from the person and look into contextual factors that sustain problems in our lives . I also believe that people have many skills and knowledges of managing problems in their own lives. Through collaborative conversations I hope to reacquaint people with their own abilities.

I have 3 years of experience working in the field. Key areas of my work has included responding to the concerns of young people in child protection settings as well as young women who have faced violence.
My areas of interest include working with young people who are experiencing trauma , violence and hardship. Other areas include helping people navigate oppressive social expectations as well as fears and anxieties .
Along with this I am associated with the Dulwich Centre as international faculty and tutor in the Masters program. I am also associated with Kolkata Sanved as Consultant Assistant Program Manager.
Husena Dhariwala

Husena Dhariwala
Clinical Psychologist

I'm a clinical psychologist and have done my post-graduation and M.Phil. from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka. I believe in the narrative “Everyone has a unique Life Story” and is extended to each and everyone I come across. My areas of across all age groups.

In my therapy practice I try to follow an Eclectic Approach to treatment while drawing work from evidence based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). I further believe a strong therapeutic relationship and focus on strengths and abilities of the individual can guide therapy to beautiful outcomes.

Apart from being a therapist I love watching series, reading mystery novels and hope to travel the world someday!
Shreya Manot

Shreya Manot
Clinical Psychologist

Shreya Manot, is a Clinical Psychologist, and has completed her M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from Amity University Kolkata, and did her post-graduation from the University of Calcutta. She has worked in several mental health centres across Kolkata and specializes in diagnosing mental health conditions, psychological assessments and psychotherapy, across all age groups.

She focuses on customizing the psychological interventions for each individual and uses an eclectic approach in planning the psychotherapy sessions, using a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Supportive Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and Insight Oriented Therapy techniques.

She has also worked closely with individuals with addiction problems and elderly with neurocognitive disorders. Apart from individuals with diagnosable mental health conditions, she has also worked with individuals having subclinical conditions and facilitated the process of coping with anger, social inhibitions and lack of assertiveness. Along with psychotherapy, she often includes aspects of cognitive functioning in improving the clients' overall functioning through techniques of cognitive training and cognitive stimulation.

She believes in how being aware of the present moment is so essential for a wholesome living. Her approach to psychotherapy focuses on facilitating the individual to develop their own set of coping skills to be able to deal with the difficulties they are facing at present while at the same time utilize these skills in the future.

Shreya also likes to research in the mental health field and has a few research publications in her name, apart from which she enjoys swimming, exploring new places and listening to music.
Samadrita Saha

Dr. Samadrita Saha
Consultant Psychologist

Education: Post-graduation and Ph.D from the University of Calcutta

I’m Dr. Samadrita Saha, a Psychologist based in Kolkata (India), done my Post graduation and PhD from university of Calcutta, along with international work experience in Hong Kong.

My area of interest are healing through cognitive restructuring (technically named Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, for different mental health issues like, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Aggression, Crisis & Stress Management, Trauma and Abuse, Relationship Difficulties.

Children mental health is another area of my interest, where I do provide Concentration and Memory building exercises, Social skills training and Parent Management Trainings. Exploration is my basic nature and feel life is all about trial and error practice!
Samadrita Saha

Shreya Bhattacharya
Clinical Psychologist

Education: M.Phil in Clinical psychology

Experience: 8 months of Work experience as a Clinical Psychologist

Area of Interest: Adult’s dealings with Depression, Anxiety and its spectrum, Bipolar, Addiction

Languages Known: English, Bengali & Hindi

Types of Therapy: CBT, MET and RPT

About Me: Hi, I’m Shreya, I am a Clinical Psychologist at Mansitherapy. I’m sincere, dedicated and believe in holistic healing through gradual self and others acceptance. I like hanging out with friends, travelling, watching shows and playing with pets. I believe therapy is not only needed to treat illness or disorders but to promote overall well-being and, in that process, maintain an optimum growth of self.