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Dear Seeker

"I have always been deeply passionate and dedicated to my calling as a psychotherapist, expecting the best from myself and working for a higher good. My life's purpose is to help people Heal.Grow.Thrive. And I firmly believe in the power of psychotherapy as a healing medium.

When I asked people to comment on the therapy process, I anticipated a few general, unemotional lines. But what people wrote inspired me and deepened my faith in this healing process. I want to share these reviews with those who are contemplating therapy to help you make the decision whether this is for you.

Each testimonial has been written by those who are comfortable sharing their experience with the world. For purposes of privacy, some people have not disclosed their names or last names.

I am deeply grateful to those who wrote in and I hope you will be inspired to take action and find the healing that brought you to this website."

With regards

Reviews For Anwesha Bhattacharyya