Effective Goal Setting

October 22,2016 By: Mansi poddar

Examine what you really want, Identify and clear blocks, learn how to set effective POWERFUL GOALS and achieve them.

Imagine knowing precisely where you are going, how to get there, what you want. Imagine the excitement that comes from having a crystal clear idea of what life means.

The difference between success and failure is lack of vision, clarity and persistence. This seminar aims to help you discover what you want and how to get it.

Live Your Best Life Ever! It all starts with THIS.

This seminar should help you
• Integrate the major areas of life to achieve a state of balance.
• Create beliefs that support your goals and empower you.
• Utilize powerful techniques to achieve transformation.
• Practice the 8 Steps to successful goalsetting/ achievement.
• Forget annual goal setting and do this instead
• Discover your values and beliefs
• Gain powerful insights and awareness about yourself

: December 10, 2016

Workshop Participation Fee 1000

Payment via Cash or Bank Transfer.

Please Note that Pre-registration is required for this workshop as we have ONLY 12 seats.

Kindly Confirm your attendance by contacting Mansi 9830015724

Previous workshop participants have said

“Goal setting has really changed my perspective on my life.
I’ve learned a tool I can apply each year. In fact I want to attend the workshop every year and tune up” K, age 28, Accountant