How To Accept Your Body After Breast Surgery

June 3,2022 By: Mansi poddar
  1. Change the Outfit Not Your Body – Try new clothes and create a “new me” attitude. The important part is finding intimates and outfits that make you feel good. Don’t feel like you should force your new body into something you used to wear. You have changed and it’s OKAY that you look different.
  1. Yoga/Exercise is a must – This link might help you with some postures that are beneficial:
  1. Feeling your body is a great path to acceptance – Try Dance Therapy- feel your body through some soothing music and say aloud positive affirmations like – “My new body, deserves the best”, “I love my body”.
  1. Feeling the sexuality of the body –First get comfortable, touching yourself. If you have a partner, start slow.
  1. Try body positivity journals – They are available online. They can help you express your emotions and thoughts about your body.
  2.  A fun art session – Use fevicol, water and tissue papers to carve out your body shape (of your breasts), let it dry, and once the paper clay is ready, paint it your way to embrace your body.

7. Join similar support groups – Talking to like-minded people can help you share your experience as well as give you the strength that you’re not alone. Wonderful online communities include Young Survivors Coalition ( and the Pink Daisy Project (